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Training Workshops

Introducing or Fostering Creativity & Innovation

This course explores what organisations, managers and team leaders need to look at and understand if they wish to introduce or foster and develop creativity and innovation.

Why attend Fostering Creativity & Innovation?

  • Would it be of value to you to be able to reduce the factors that inhibit your team’s creativity and innovation and thus increase productivity and reduce costs?

  • Would there be value for you in knowing how to facilitate creativity and innovation in your team which would lead to more and more ideas for better products or services?

  • Would there be value for you in being able to retain your best talent by fostering and developing their creativity and innovation?

  • Wouldn’t it be valuable to your career and your organisation if you knew how to build organisational creative and innovative capability?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then Fostering Creativity & Innovation is for you.

How is the training structured?

On Fostering Creativity & Innovation, participants develop their understanding through presentation input, group discussion, and through individual and group exercises.

Who is this course for?

Managers and team leaders at all levels in private, public and not-for-profit organisations who need to build the creative and innovative capability of their organisation.

What will you learn on Fostering Creativity & Innovation?During Fostering Creativity & Innovationparticipants will:

  • Define new meaning for the terms and dispel the myths of what is and isn’t Creativity and Innovation.

  • Understand the relationship between Creativity & Innovation and entrepreneurship or intrapreneurship.

  • Appreciate the need for Creativity & Innovation and form an assessment of how creative or innovative their team, department or organisation is.

  • Explore individual characteristics of creativity, and what affects team and organisational creativity.

  • Examine common barriers to Creativity & Innovation and explore how to eliminate or reduce their impact.

  • Explore how to foster and develop Creativity & Innovation in individuals and teams.

  • Develop an approach to building creative and innovative capability while using risk assessment to minimise organisational disruption.

What if you attend Fostering Creativity & Innovation?
By attending Fostering Creativity & Innovationparticipants will:

  • Have a clear understanding of what creativity and innovation are and are not.

  • Know how their leadership or management style and work climate negatively or positively affects the creativity of those they work with.

  • Know how to foster and develop both individual and team creativity.

  • Be able to build creative capability within their organisation.

  • Have the most sought-after management skill of the 21st century

  • Position themselves as leading-edge leaders and managers.

Creative and Innovative Thinking – the Creative Problem Solving and Innovation Process

New ways of thinking are required in today’s world in order to develop ideas that lead to new or improved products, services or processes. Approaches to ‘problem’ solving or issue resolution need to be more creative and at the same time, more structured. A ‘problem’ in this sense is any situation in or any issue facing an organisation that needs to be resolved, whether it is the need to develop something new, or enhance an existing product, service or process, or resolve people-related issues. It is also taking advantage of and exploiting opportunities presented by our fast changing world.

The course “Creative Thinking and the Creative Problem Solving & Innovation Process” introduces a four stage process for looking anew at problems / issues. It deconstructs and re-frames problems / issues, generates novel ideas for addressing them, provides a mechanism for choosing between options generated, and leads to the development of an action plan. For each stage of the creative process, participants practise a number of techniques that assist fresh, creative and productive thinking.

Participants develop their ability to think creatively and to competently use creative thinking and problem solving techniques – techniques that are an essential capability for managers at all levels of organisations in our complex, fast changing world. All organisations and managers face challenges, and creative solutions are required for these ever increasingly complex challenges. This course helps participants to ‘think outside of the box’ and develops competency in a number of proven structured creative problem solving techniques.

Who is this course for?

As people on the ground or on the front-line know their jobs and processes best and have the experience and expertise needed for development in their area, this course is suitable and appropriate for all levels of staff in private, public and not-for-profit organisations. It is particularly useful to managers who need to lead creative thinking to keep themselves and their teams relevant and productive.

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