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Anew Innovation’s mission is to provide high quality consultancy and training in the area of creativity and innovation to businesses, public agencies, and not-for-profit organisations, with the aim of helping them increase productivity, improve processes and products or services, and integrate continuous improvement into their business model.


The company’s vision is that, through regular consultancy and training, organisations in Singapore and South-East Asia will become more and more creative and innovative, and thus more successful.

Create – Innovate – Succeed

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The company will only provide high quality consultancy and training to organisations that are serious about developing their creativity and innovation competency. We will do this in a manner that respects current culture, individual differences and learning styles, while promoting employee engagement, well-being, and continuous learning both in our clients’ organisations and in our own company.

As a creativity and innovation services company, the company will practice openness and sharing in staffing matters, including profit sharing and morale-building initiatives. The company is committed to corporate social responsibility and will support community and voluntary welfare organisations (VWOs) through pro bono work and encouraging staff volunteerism.

The values espoused in these statements reveal a company determined to ‘practice what it preaches’ and to create a work environment that is itself conducive to fostering creativity and innovation while supporting or ‘giving back’ to the community within which it operates.

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